Crescent International Procurement Service

Procurers & Export Agents

We specialize in finding and acquiring goods and resources for our clients wherever in the world they or the desired goods or services are. With operatives in the U.K, Europe, Middle East and South America, we are well placed to find whatever it is you or your business requires. With charges starting at just US$100) we're affordable and well connected. Why not contact us and tell us your supply problems? Advice is free, and you never know, we just may have the answer for you!

Crescent International Surplus/Obsolete Military Equipment Procurement

Should you be looking for used military vehicles and other equipment, we can help you. Our just a few examples of the many items available to us.

If you are an Overlander, or looking for vehicles to fit out for expeditions, many of these vehicles are perfectly suited to your needs.

It's all for sale. Just waiting for you.

Unit cost from £5,000 to £12,000 Weight unladen 4 tons

Ex military Bedford converted to expedition camper.
"But where are you going to stay?" "Anywhere I damn well want!"

Crescent International Military Procurement

For Nation Defence Departments, we are able to negotiate on your behalf to aquire the most modern and effective military vehicles available. End user licensing can be organised and delivery executed efficiently and quickly. We take the stress out of your defence aquisition.

‘When the last tree has been felled,
When the last animal has consumed the last blade of grass,
When the last fish has been taken from the sea;
Only then will we realise that we cannot eat money.’

Modern Proverb

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