Military Surplus Vehicles & Equipment

Used all Terrain Trucks & Military Surplus.

We can supply you with a large range of ex-military vehicles and equipment. From boots to boats, tyres to tanks. Many items do not need export licenses and can be despatched within days of your order.

From GBP4500

With access to UK military disposal, we can provide you with many items of surplus equipment from the British Army, Navy and the Royal Air Force. Our expertise, especially with trucks and other motor vehicles, will help you avoid many problems that can be encountered when aquiring items from military disposal units. For example, we can make sure that all the ancillary equipment you expect is actually with the vehicle. We can ascertain the actual condition of the equipment, (e.g. number of hours logged) and make sure you get what you need. We take all the worry out of procuring items from a distance when you have no, or limited, knowledge. After all, that's our job!

From GBP15,000

Download our Military Surplus Catalogue here, and if you need something you can't see in it, then get in touch. Please remember that we are governed by both UK and European Laws. An 'end user' declaration and/or an export license may be required before supply can be made, but don't worry, we can take care of all that for you.


Scorpion Light Reconnaissance Vehicle: GBP40,000

The vehicles pictured above represent a small percentage of what is available. There are also pumps, generators and lighting sets, water purifiers, excavators, bulldozers, assault craft, field kitchens, fuel and water bowsers and much more. Just tell us what you need...

Download our Military Surplus Catalogue here,